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polygraph Oceanside or polygraph Chula Vista

In the San Diego area the most common polygraph test is for infidelity (cheating in a relationship). There are also many tests of theft polygraph tests and aituation polygraph.

Carlsbad lie
detector exam

Our senior polygraph examiner has more than 34 years of lie-detection experience and has more than 10000 completed examinations, and he has represented the polygraph profession in about a thousand
media situations.

lie detector test Solana Beach

Did you know: a person can not now become a police officer or a law enforcement officer
in most big cities
without first passing a polygraph test.

San Diego polygraph tests and in other cities are available all 7-days of the week. Other cities have lower prices-- travel can save a lot.

Escondido lie
detector exam

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If you are asked
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fee (a 'deposit')
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are being treated
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Real polygraph experience:
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lie-detector test San Diego

You choose where based on the price difference:
$395 for a San Diego polygraph test,
or only $145 near Universal Studios

San Diego CA lie-detector test

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Oceanside polygraph test   best polygraph in San Diego

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All testing follows Federal polygraph guidelines.
And you pick: observe the test as it is conducted,
or, if needed, a free 4-page polygraph report.

lie detector in San Diego

San Diego polygraph areas

Most polygraph testing in the county area is in San Diego Polygraph, Chula Vista Polygraph, Oceanside Polygraph, Escondido Polygraph, and Carlsbad Polygraph. San Diego polygraph tests use a standardized 10-question script that include up to four questions written by the client.

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For an Imperial Beach polygraph test,
a Jacumba lie-detector exam, a Poway polygraph examination, or a Chula Vista lie detection test,
call 818 883-6969.

San Diego polygraph testing

Oceanside lie detector test
The computerized polygraph equipment is analyzing microscopic changes at four points of the person's body-- usually at the stomach, chest left arm and right hand. Visit for more details!

in San Diego for a lie detector exam

La Mesa lie detector examination

This is what a chart looks like during
a San Diego polygraph examination:
Escondido lie detector exam

National City lie detector examination

Imperial lie detector test
Coronado Island polygraph test San Diego
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Carlsbad lie detector examination